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Advertising Is Vital

Let Millard County Chronicle Progress leverage its readership, skills, and resources to take your business to the next level. The key to staying competitive even in a slower economy is to maximize the return on your advertising dollars. Seasoned business owners have learned that dollars spent on an effective advertising campaign often yields far greater returns in terms of profits and keeping their products and services in front of the community.

Millard County Chronicle Progress Can Help

While many newspapers are losing readership to a growing online market, smaller town newspapers still find their readership growing. This is because much of the business conducted in our communities is aimed at people actually living in the communities we serve. People are looking for businesses they can trust. To find them, they turn to the local paper; a source of news local residents have trusted FOR GENERATIONS. In this regard, Millard County Chronicle Progress can help your business thrive. MCCP has a robust and growing readership. It is a trusted source of news and information for people living within our Utah community; and has been so for generations!

A Wide Range of Print Advertising Opportunities

Within our weekly printed edition of the Chronicle, we offer a whole line of advertising services and opportunities for your business.

  • Printed ads in strategic locations.
  • Ads of various sizes designed to capture attention.
  • Full page, black & white, and full-color advertising inserts placed in each issue.
  • Our complete printed edition also is made available for download; thus giving your business added exposure.
  • The options are many and varied!


In addition we offer businesses help with other printing needs.

  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • And More!


We are anxious to speak with you and hope that we can help your business not only to survive, but to flourish. Call us today!

Not Just Print, Online Too!

In addition to our print media, MCCP also has many advertising opportunities on our ONLINE WEBSITE. It also has a great readership and is capturing the attention of the next generation residents of Millard County.  Learn more by contacting us.