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TOWN OF LEAMINGTON, UTAH MUNICIPAL ELECTION RESOLUTION Number: LR 2015-10-01A Approval Date: October 1, 2015 Effective Date: October 1, 2015 Short Title: Resolution for cancellation of Leamington 2015 municipal election Purpose: To cancel the election scheduled for November 3, 2015 in the Town of Leamington and to certify the election of candidates Resolution: Whereas, the Leamington Town Council as the duly elected legislative body of the Town of Leamington, Does hereby, wish to assert its authority granted under Utah State Code 20A-1-206 to cancel a local election if: All municipal officers are elected at-large, The number of municipal officer candidates does not exceed the number of open at-large municipal offi ces for which the candidates have fi led, There have been no write-in candidates fi ling for candidacy as of the deadline date, Each municipal offi cer candidate is unopposed, and There are no other municipal ballot propositions. Leamington Town Council does hereby declare that all of the above conditions have been met, and resolves to cancel the municipal election scheduled for November 3, 2015. This declaration is no later than 20 days before the day of the scheduled election as required by statute. Leamington Town Council does hereby certify that William R. Finlinson and Chad M. McPherson, having lawfully fi led as unopposed candidates for the 2 seats of Leamington Town Council to be elected on November 3, 2015, are elected to offi ce for a 4 year term to begin January 2016. Further, proper notice of the cancellation of the election shall be given as required by UCA 20A-1- 206(2). Published in Millard County Chronicle Progress OCTOBER 7, 14, 2015