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NOTICE is hereby given that

the term of offi ce of one of the

Trustees of Millard County Drain-

age District Number One will ex-

pire at 12:00 noon on the fi rst Mon-

day in January, 2016.

NOTICE is further given that

the Board of County Commis-

sioners will, on Tuesday, the 19th

day of January, 2016 at the hour

of 11:00 a.m. of said day, at the

County Commissioners’ Room

in the County Courthouse at Fill-

more, Millard County, Utah, fi ll

such vacancy by appointing a per-

son for a four-year term expiring at

12:00 noon on the fi rst Monday in

January, 2020, and thereafter until

his/her successor in offi ce is duly

appointed and qualifi ed.

Any person desiring to be ap-

pointed to fi ll such vacancy shall

contact Marki Rowley, Millard

County Clerk, 765 South Highway

99, Fillmore, Utah 84631; tele-

phone: (435) 743-6223 or (435)

864-2440, on or before the 15th

day of January, 2016, to be con-

sidered for such appointment.

The Millard County Commis-

sion shall cause this Notice of

Vacancy to be posted in four (4)

public places within such Drainage

District Number One at least one

month before the deadline for ac-

cepting nominees for appointment,

and this Notice of Vacancy shall

be published in the Millard Coun-

ty Chronicle Progress during the

week before the deadline for ac-

cepting nominees for appointment.

DATED this 10th day of De-

cember, 2015.



By: /s/ James Withers

Published in Millard County

Chronicle Progress on JANUARY 6, 13, 2016.