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Notice is hereby given that on the 18th day of May, 2017, at 10:00 o’clock A.M., in the County Commission Chambers of the Millard County Courthouse in Fillmore, Utah, I will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash, pursuant to the provisions of Section 59-2-1351.1, Utah Code Annotated 1953, as amended, the following described real property situated in said county and now delinquent and subject to tax sale. A bid for less than the total amount of taxes, interest, penalty, and administrative costs; which are a charge upon such real estate will not be accepted. Account: 0099029 Parcel: H-2241-6 ANDERSON, VIRGINIA JT WEST, MARK JT MILLARD CO DD#1 PO BOX 655 OLATHE, CO 81425-0655 Acres: 1.00 Total Due: $908.25 Account: 0038548 Parcel: 8457-40 BECKMYER, VERNE 1713 BRITISH CUP DR LAS VEGAS, NV 89117 Acres: 5.00 Total Due: $356.73 Account: 0067745 Parcel: D-4172-2 BOWES, STEPHEN C JT c/o QUINLAN, JUSTIN BOWES, LINDA M JT 2919 CURRY CIRCLE TAYLORSVILLE, UT 84129 Acres: 0.70 Total Due: $3,778.24 Account: 0176967 CARLSEN, SHAWN Parcel: HD-5613-3-17 2431 W HARVEY HTS CIRCLE TAYLORSVILLE, UT 84118 Acres: 1.25 Total Due: $321.47 Account: 0176975 Parcel: HD-5613-3-18 CARLSEN, SHAWN 2431 W HARVEY HTS CIRCLE TAYLORSVILLE, UT 84118 Acres: 0.63 Total Due: $321.47 Account: 0177171 Parcel: HD-5613-3-26 CARLSEN, SHAWN 2431 W HARVEY HEIGHTS CIRCLE TAYLORSVILLE, UT 84118 Acres: 1.25 Total Due: $321.47 Account: 0048281 Parcel: D-1105 CLARK, MAE JEAN COTRSTEES BARBER, ROBERT L COTRSTEES PO BOX 1504 LITTLEFIELD, AZ 86432-1504 Acres: 0.27 Total Due: $1,149.56 Account: 0106386 Parcel: HD-4785 LAKER, GRACE MAUD c/o RAWLINGS, SCOTT PERS REP 3441 DECKER LAKE DR SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84119-3461 Acres: 40.68 Total Due: $645.69 Account: 0171349 Parcel: L-2256-1 LATHAM, GREG 16787 BEACH BLVD #705 HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92647 Acres: 0.07 Total Due: $342.12 Account: 0177411 Parcel: 5626-1 MATTOS, MIKE 9621 FOUNTAINBLEAU BLVD APT 201 MIAMI, FL 33172-6855 Acres: 20.00 Total Due: $378.63 Account: 0042532 Parcel: 8685-1 MCDONOUGH, LESTER JT MCDONOUGH, MARGARET I JT 452 MANN & NOLTA RIDGE RD CHICO, CA 95973 Acres: 41.05 Total Due: $489.72 Account: 0176959 Parcel: HD-5613-3-16 NORDMARK, MICHELLE JT MORK, PAUL H JT 2836 S KILT ROCK CT WEST VALLEY CITY, UT 84128 Acres: 0.63 Total Due: $340.59 Account: 0074428 Parcel: DO-SS-226 OLCOTT, RODNEY JT OLCOTT, CHARLENE JT 1105 W ASHBY RD DELTA, UT 84624 Acres: 0.12 Total Due: $404.71 Account: 0077843 Parcel: DO-SS-59 OLCOTT, RODNEY JT OLCOTT, CHARLENE JT 1105 W ASHBY RD DELTA, UT 84624 Acres: 0.13 Total Due: $1,825.00 Account: 0146531 Parcel: X-LW-1-75 ORR, MAXINE L 215 S CEDAR ST MOBILE, AL 36602 Acres: 2.11 Total Due: $344.50 Account: 0169525 Parcel: HD-4290-G-1 PETERSON, TYLE C JT PETERSON, CALLIE ANN JT 4118 W 2000 S DELTA, UT 84624-7967 Acres: 16.61 Total Due: $3,895.80 Account: 0127903 Parcel: M-1583-1 RHODES, TAMMY ALMA 303 S MAIN ST MEADOW, UT 84644 Parcel: M-1583-1 Acres: 2.57 Total Due: $3,359.00 Account: 0109992 Parcel: HD-DES-309 ROBERT E LARSSON FAM LTD PART 4592 CALLISTO LN TURLOCK, CA 95382-8324 Acres: 0.19 Total Due: $340.59 Account: 0138249 Parcel: S-1280 SANDY CROSSING ENTERPRISES INC c/o GREWAL, MANI 1623 E WYLIE LANE DRAPER, UT 84020 Acres: 1.71 Total Due: $51,501.43 Additional information, including property descriptions, can be found at www.millardcounty.org Submitted by Bonnie Gehre, Millard County Auditor Published in the Millard County Chronicle Progress APRIL 19, 26, May 3, & 10, 2017.