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Flames licked the eaves on the west side of Rob and Alana Lang’s house in southeast Delta Monday morning.

As the engines and firemen from Delta’s Fire Department arrived at the scene the fire breached the roof sending flames and smoke high in the air. Hinckley Fire Department came to lend a hand in subduing the structure fire.

“The fire started on the outside of the house. It climbed up the wall and into the eaves. When our guys went into the house there were no flames to be seen. It was all in the attic. It was fully engulfed,” said Lynn Ashby, Delta Fire Chief.

The cause of the fire is under inspection. A special investigator came to Delta Tuesday to inspect the house. The fire claimed the entire roof by eating the west half and ruining the east half. Smoke damage was intense.

The Delta Fire Department responded to the house again Monday afternoon for a short visit as the stubborn fire kicked up again.