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Mark Watson; Staff Reporter

After more than 50 years working out of its station at 41 N 200 W, the Delta Fire Department will move one block to the east in about two months.

“The date for completion of the building is Feb. 8,” said Delta Fire Chief Lynn Ashby.

Construction crews have moved inside now with temperatures dipping down to the single digits this week. The new station includes four drive-through bays and can house 12 large pieces of equipment. There were six bays in the old station, but they were shorter and not drive-through bays.

A large office greets visitors inside the building at the south entrance, and it could eventually be workspace for three people. There also is an office for the fire marshal. A kitchen and a large foyer are situated on the south side to handle any large gatherings. The south side of the building will be used for training.

“We can do a lot of training here for all the firefighters in the county,” Ashby said.

A spacious area upstairs will remain unfinished for now. The area will mostly likely become a bunkhouse for firefighters. Also, there is an upstairs area on the north side of the building that will be used for storage. Showers and decontamination stations are situated on the lower north side of the building.

Cost of the 18,000-squarefoot building is about $3 million with $2.3 million coming from grant money. The fire department has been planning the building for more than 10 years.

Ashby has been the fire chief for eight years, following in the footsteps of his father Bryce Ashby. He said there are 27 men volunteering as firemen.

“We visited fire stations in Utah, Nevada and Colorado when we were in the planning process,” Ashby said. “We wanted something for an area about our size, and Busk Construction had built one there that we liked. So this is similar to the Richfield Station.”

Ashby said there is always a need for firefighters. “It’s always hard to find and retain good firemen. There is a great sense of pride to be able to help someone in need,” Ashby said. “The nice thing about being a firefighter is that you are running toward a fire to help while others are running away. When a family sees firefighters on the scene they have the feeling that everything will be OK now,” Ashby said. “We will always have room for good volunteers."