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Each county sheriff has several helpers in the form of volunteers who make a difference in the lives of county residents. Upon occasion, one of these outstanding volunteers is recognized as an “Honorary Sheriff.”

Tribute to Robert “Ag” Nielson’s service at the Millard County Jail was recently recognized by the bestowal of the title Honorary Sheriff by Sheriff Robert Dekker. The honors originally to be conducted at the Utah Sheriff’s Association conference were done in Fillmore last Tuesday as Ag was unable to make the conference.

“As long as I can remember we’ve had Ag Nielson in the jail. I mean that as a compliment—he has not been there as an inmate, he is there to help his fellow man. He is a teacher. Ag doesn’t just teach, he cares. He wants the people he works with to succeed in life,” said Sheriff Dekker.

Ag started helping inmates at the county jail complete their education in 1990. He has helped 250 individuals earn their high school diploma and another 150 individuals obtain a GED.

“He doesn’t want any money for what he does, he volunteers. The school district used to fund the program, but it was discontinued. That didn’t stop Ag, he just kept on coming,” said Sheriff Dekker.

“After 35 years of high school, I started teaching at the jail. Anything I have needed, the sheriffs have met our needs,” said Nielson. I appreciate the entire law enforcement program. I appreciate so very, very much their service in protecting us,” said Nielson. Nielson was presented with a framed certifi cate including a Honorary Sheriff’s badge from the Utah Sheriff’s Association and a framed copy of the U.S. Constitution by Sheriff Dekker.

“With my thanks and the thanks of 250 individuals over the years who earned their degrees along with the 150 recipients of their GEDs, I present these tokens of our appreciation. Thank you for everything you do for everyone,” Sheriff Dekker said.