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The event on Fri. and Sat. May 26 and 27. Both days the event will feature Delta’s American Legion Post 135 presenting the colors and Delta resident, Becky Prestwich singing the National Anthem.

Old School Rock Crawl (OSRC) draws drivers and spotters using their skills to conquer impossible manmade concrete obstacles at the Millard County Fairgrounds. Spectators will observe the action a safe distance behind course perimeters. Delta Area Chamber of Commerce presents 2017 Area Giant and Business of the Year Millard County Mudders Mud Race Saturday, May 20 • 5 p.m. Millard County Fairgrounds Driving over obstacles provides great action for the crowd to view and excitement for teams. Drivers must know how to operate their vehicles under pressure, against the clock while performing in front of the crowd. Veterans and fi rsttime rock crawlers can experience first-hand what it takes to conquer difficult terrain at the OSRC.

Justin “Boober” Anderson is the local Delta representative at the event. This is Justin’s fourth year of competing at the event. Justin has used his past rock crawling experience to modify his Jeep Cherokee to be more competitive on the rocks. John Hobson is Justin’s spotter who is also from Delta. Anderson and Hobson make up a dynamic team. This is your opportunity watch the hometown boys Anderson will have a breakout performance this year.

Rock crawling teams and fans rate Delta’s OSRC as the best rock crawling event in the nation. It will be held at the Delta Proving Grounds inside of the Millard County Fairgrounds. The track is a fi rst class facility that has been developed over the past ten years by Kevin Morris and his crew. Manmade obstacles simulate some of the toughest challenges in Utah. Two crack obstacles represent areas from Vernal and St. George. The original crack was designed from the UROC competition course in Vernal Utah. This crack is located in the Devil’s Playground just south of Vernal Utah on the way to the Bonanza Power Plant. The second crack is scaled down version of a trail in St. George. The huge 25’ wall at the proving grounds was designed to simulate the large rock wall in Cedar City used for UROC and WEROCK rock crawling competitions. A giant 15’ tall tube is a Delta original. The tube was constructed for the 2013 season and has proven to be a real challenge. Many more less challenging obstacles for different levels of drivers and vehicle classes are available at OSRC. Delta’s newest obstacle “The Volcano” was inspired by the Sugarloaf Volcano just south of Delta. The original Sugarloaf Volcano can be viewed from the event site.

UTVs as well as 4x4 vehicles will be allowed to compete for points on the rocks. Class designations and course design is tailored to keep vehicle damage to a minimum. The overall event winner is determined by a combination of points earned by rock crawling and racing on the rock cross course. This years overall event winner could be from any class. Classes include Street Stock, UTV, Legend, ProMod, Trail Buggy, and Pro Unlimited.

Rock Cross is an exciting event and fan favorite that UTVs and 4x4 have competed in for several years. The same classes used in the rock crawl are used for Rock Cross. The Rock Cross course is a series of jumps and hairpin turns that funnel into a rock section that that opens up to a straightaway section before entering the jumps and turns again. The race this year begins with a land rush start of up to eight vehicles. The first vehicle to cross the finish line after multiple laps is the winner.

Local residents are encouraged to bring their lawn mowers to the event. OSRC has racing lawn mowers open to anyone. Last year’s race turned out to be very popular. Many teams brought lawnmowers with them to race. Anyone can race a lawnmower if their mower can pass technical inspection before the race on Saturday. All racing lawnmowers must have the blades removed before competing and meet other safety rules. The lawnmower course is on fl at ground and is very safe.

Three levels of course diffi culty are designed for the rock teams; least difficult, advanced, and expert. The stock 4x4 class and UTV class use the least diffi cult level of courses. These courses are designed to test driver and spotter skill while minimizing vehicle damage that could occur. Advanced courses are used for the Legend class. The expert level courses are used for ProMod and the Pro Unlimited Class’. These courses are no holds barred, full on competition courses for extreme machines and drivers. The crowd loves the Unlimited class because of the diffi culty level of the courses and the action provided by the challenges. Lawnmowers use a special purpose track that is on fl at ground with sharp turns.

For team scoring and fees contact Craig Stumph at 801- 8367-1395 or email craigstumph@ gmail.com.