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“Missing Identity” is the title of a new mystery by C. L. Neely. It is the second book in the Two Fortunes Mystery series, following the book “Missing Baby.” The fiction town of Two Fortunes is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the story revolves around DJ Cassidy, a small-town lawyer and Sheriff Cliff Russell, whose old friend drifts into town with a skull, stirring up memories from twenty years ago. If identified, this skull could cost the sheriff his job and possibly put him in prison. Old friends are found murdered, and soon all the clues point to his closest friend, Deputy Tony Lapanto.

The author, C. L. Neely, moved to Fillmore almost two years ago, to be closer to her son, Andy Pearce, and family. Her familiarity with the values and reactions of those who live in small mountain communities makes this tale credible and realistic. “Missing Identity” is her eleventh book in publication. All of the C. L. Neely books are available through amazon.com.  

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