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Serious charges are pending for five DHS students allegedly involved in a criminal incident during a return trip on an activity bus recently. The Millard Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) is investigating the incident involving minors and a victim, and the Millard School District is re-evaluating procedures to ensure student safety.

MCSO Captain Jacobson said that those involved were participants on the same school team and that “we’ve included findings that we believe could amount to hazing. The Millard County Attorney’s Office is reviewing all the information with us to finalize charges. Until such time, we won’t predict publicly that outcome.”

“Student confidentiality rights of those involved, both victims and perpetrators, preclude us from sharing further details,” School Superintendent David Styler said. “We can confirm that we are aware of and have been dealing with this situation. Preliminary discipline and safeguards are in place and further appropriate steps will be taken if and when appropriate.”

The chaperones were actually spread throughout the bus at various times but the inappropriate activities did not rise to a level that caught their attention,” Superintendent Styler said. “Appropriate placement of chaperones will be an area we will be discussing.”

The Millard Sheriff’s Office would not give particulars on the active investigation because the individuals involved were minors. “Serious criminal charges have been referred to the Fourth District Juvenile Court,” Captain Richard Jacobson said.

“While we conducted a criminal investigation into this incident, we also worked closely with the high school and school district. Between our authorities, the behaviors and actions have been addressed, whether found to be criminal or complicit,” Jacobson said.

Superintendent Styler said that moving beyond getting the involved students the appropriate assistance, attention would be turned to steps and procedures to put into place. Those steps would be discussed in community councils, principal’s meetings, and board meetings.

“As always, we invite our public to lend to the conversation as we work to find solutions,” Styler said.

He said that he was grateful to the coaches and administrators for their quick attention to the needs of those involved.

“We have great kids. That may have caused us to be a bit more complacent on all of our buses than we can afford to be,” Styler said. “Things like this aren’t planned, but they can happen because kids in the wrong circumstances sometimes do very foolish things.”

Styler said that the goal of all extra-curricular activities is to help build good young men and women of high values and ideals. “Winning is and has always been a nice side-effect of doing those things. In Millard County, winning is the fringe benefit of doing the right things for the right reasons… never the ultimate goal,” Styler said.