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Oak City Shooting2   On July 29 at approximately 7 p.m. deputies from the Millard County Sheriff's Office and a Utah Adult Probation and Parole agent


A case against the results of the Republican primary election for Millard County Commission Seat A will appear before Fourth District Court Judge Claudia Laycock on August 1. ElectionCourtImage


County Commissioner Seat A candidate Jim Dyer has filed a judicial challenge against the results of the June 24 Republican primary election which named his opposing candidate James Withers the winner.Gavel


The recent controversy over the election results for the position of Millard County Commission Seat A has had many people scratching their heads



In a surprise twist, incumbent James Withers defeated candidate Jim Dyer


FuneralLilyJune 25, 2014 at approximately 6:05 PM, the Millard County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher received a 911 call about a farming accident


2014 Primary Election stunner

Dyer drops Withers by one vote One vote separates Jim Dyer and Jim Withers. Dyer garnered 1004 votes, Withers 1003 in the Commission Seat A race. State law 20-A-4-401-1b allows a recount where the final result is less than 0.25 percent should the losing candidate request one. Listed below are the preliminary results of the 2014 Primary Election held in Millard County on Tuesday, June 24:

       Office                                  Votes          Percent

Commission Seat A:

Jim Dyer                                     1004             50.0

James I. Withers                         1003              50.0

Commission Seat B:

Dean Wm. Draper                        1127             56.6

Daron P. Smith                            864              43.4


Brandy Grace                             1138             56.9

Katrina A. Rhinehart                    863              43.1


Connie Hansen                           1288             64.6

Timothy M. A                             706               35.4

School Board District #4

Jeff Schena                                195              47.3

Ron Draper                                129               31.3

Stanton Lovell                             88               21.4

District # 5

Todd E. Holt                               175              42.7

Dixon R. Eliason                         162              39.5

Beverly Petersen DeWyze             73              17.8

School board candidates Jeff Schena, Ron Draper, Todd Holt and Dixon Eliason will appear on the November ballot. Official results for the election will be released after the election votes have been canvassed. The County’s Board of Canvassers “canvass the election by publicly opening the returns and determining from them the votes of each voting precinct for each person…” They are then obligated to “declare "elected" or "nominated" those persons who:

                       (i) had the highest number of votes; and

                       (ii) sought election or nomination to an office completely within the board's jurisdiction.”

If no voting irregularities are found during the canvassing, those nominated with highest number of votes will go on to the General Election in November.

At present, Dean Draper, Jim Dyer, Brandy Grace and Connie Hansen will appear as the Republican Party’s nominees on this fall’s General Election ballot.

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

A fi re last December caught a woman immobilized for smoke inhalation in an apartment in Fillmore.


The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are extending the public comment period for the Waters of the U.S. proposed rule from July 21 until October 20, 2014, an additional 91 days.